GECO Inc. Worldwide Agent is Inviting (Outside of mainland China)

The 100 billion-level market has broad prospects, and reasonable and effective distribution management can guarantee the profits of agents! Strong product policy, support customized service!

Customization of outdoor tents

If you are very interested in camping life;

If you are an outdoor goods merchant outside of mainland China;

If you have a certain influence in the local outdoor camping market;

If you have special customized needs for camping in the local country, including hobby of outdoor life;

Welcome to contact us. I believe that our outdoor tents are suitable for your local market and meet all your needs. More importantly, this can save you costs and create greater benefits for you.




  1. Worry-Free Service


GECO Inc. has an excellent sales team, has been deeply cultivated in many countries around the world for many years, has professional marketing & rich sales experience.

We can help you spread your business in the local market at the fastest speed!

  1. Professional Marketing Support

We have a mature marketing and design team, acomplete company internal operating system and many years of experience in electronic products.

The needs of our customers are our starting point. We will organize various marketing activities in order to provide customers with satisfactory services and products.

3.Flexible Coorperation

Based on the principle of customer first, we sincerely invite you to join our global distribution ranks.

We provide the greatest product support, support customization, and tailor products and sales strategies for you according to the local market!

  1. Strong R&D Team

As an innovative technology company, we have an R&D team of hundreds of people, constantly innovating, and constantly bringing better technology applications and product experience to users!

In order to meet the needs of thousands of GECO Inc. users, we have made unremitting efforts to ensure the service experience for the majority of GECO Inc. fans!

Join Us Now

If you love to engage in outdoor camping supplies service life and are interested in becoming a GECO Inc. distributor outside mainland China, please contact us: