5 – 8 People Outdoor Luxury Glamping Bell Tents for Boutique Camping and Occasional Family Camping Trips

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Our Luxury Glamping Bell Tents is a very good camping bell tent, loaded with features for camping in comfort, ease, and style. Cotton canvas is designed for long-term use and a wide range of climates, it’s comfortable for camping outside. A properly maintained bell tent can last for years.
1. We took the classic bell tent design and packed it with features focusing on ease of use, comfort, style, and versatility. The Ultimate checks all the boxes for family camping, luxury camps, casual glamping, festivals, garden parties, car camping, back yard lounging.
2. Our camping bell tent use a heavy-duty size 10 zipper to attach the sidewall to the groundsheet, you can unzip the floor to roll up the canvas walls for maximum ventilation, or remove the groundsheet entirely for transport, storage, or to enjoy the grass or sand beneath your feet.
3. If you have party planning, or outdoor classes for kids, or camping in a big group of friends, or even a space to perform your massages at festivals, this large tent has the space to handle it.
4. It’s easy to assemble this tent, complete the look by filling your new tent – whether that’s a soft rug, boho-style cushions, a chandelier, table or LED light – and bring it to life.


Brand: Other
Tent structure: single-layer tent
Support material: iron pipe
Specification: 4m
Weight: 25 (kg)
Place of Origin: Mainland China
Construction situation: need to be built
Spatial structure: one bedroom
Style function: keep warm, windproof, cold proof
Outdoor account waterproof coefficient: less than 1000mm
Waterproof factor of bottom account: greater than 3000MM
Strut: Iron
Inner account: polyester cotton
Foreign account: polyester cotton


Fabric material: Flyer: 200gsm T/C (65% polyester, 35% cotton), waterproof PU 500mm

Bottom of the account: 500gsm PVC mesh cloth

Iron *1

Product size and box gauge:

400*400*250cm, 90*30*30cm/1 piece gross weight 25kg


1. Every glamping bell tent comes complete with windows and vents covered in net yarn to keep providing ventilation and airflow. Our half-moon windows have zip-up covers to allow you to customize your desired level of ventilation and privacy. Each window is equipped with loop fasteners to neatly hold the covers when the windows are unzippered.

2. Our outdoor camping bell tent has a metal centra pole, roll-up sidewalls, mesh-backed windows, and vents, matching canvas carry bags. A-frame entrance with a heavy-duty zipped front door and complete with net yarn unzippable windows, air vents, thicker guy rope, and extra-strong pegs.

3. Removable groundsheet: the floor is connected to the upper cover via zippers. And it is totally detachable. Meanwhile, there are toggles and loops to hold if you roll up the side walls.


Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 90 × 30 × 30 cm


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