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Camping At -20 Degrees Celsius

Camping in minus 20 degrees Celsius is a challenge and we should increase the heat of the tent from all angles. When camping, we should pitch the tent in a sunny spot where we can ensure that the first rays of the morning sun will shine on it for the first time.

If you are camping in the snow, make sure you use snowshoes to trample the snow under the tent before setting up.

For snow camping, it is recommended that you carry two moisture mats, an inflatable mat and a foam mat, with the inflatable mat on the bottom and the foam mat on the top. The mats prevent your body heat from being absorbed by the earth and also block the cold air from the earth from invading your body, which is a must for winter camping.

When camping in winter, no matter how cold it is outside, it is not recommended to seal your tent too tightly as this tends to freeze or cause water droplets on the internal surface of the tent and sometimes wet your sleeping bag, and a wet sleeping bag will not only increase in weight, but also decrease in warmth. In fact, water droplets can be avoided by using windproof ropes to separate the outer and inner tent, so that even if there are water droplets, they will flow down the tent to the ground and not wet the tent.

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