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Three-Piece Winter Camping Equipment

The three camping equipments, tents, sleeping bags, and tide pads, play a decisive role in keeping out the cold.

  • Three-piece winter camping equipment-tent
    The key function of the tent is to prevent wind, rain, and snow, but also to prevent the three elements of low temperature and humidity; cold; wind, two of which are the key equipment for wind! The key to camping in extremely low winter temperatures is wind protection. Rain can turn into snow or sleet. The key to windproof is the structure of the tent! Therefore, tents with a pole-shaped skeleton structure are definitely more windproof than tower tents.
    If your tent does not have a snow skirt, you can fill the space at the bottom of the inner and outer tents with snow to block the wind, and wrap your sleep with a life-saving blanket.
    In addition to protecting your tent from the rain, you also need to take care to prevent the sleeping bag from getting wet by the dew inside. It is also important not to seal the tent too tightly. Keep the inside of the tent ventilated to reduce the dew inside. You can open small windows according to the situation.
  • Three-piece winter camping suit-sleeping bag
    Outdoor camping sleeping bags we choose down waterproof sleeping bags, non-down sleeping bags can not participate in winter outdoor camping activities. Provide a few experience values ​​for your reference.
    The first is the amount of down filling. If conditions permit, of course the heavier the down filling, the better! Below minus 20, we recommend not to fill with less than 1300 grams of wool. Single tents, double tents not less than 1000 grams.
    Secondly, personal experience, take off the outer warm clothing, it is warmer and more comfortable than wearing the outer warm clothing and sleeping bag. Take off the warm clothes and other clothes without packing them, put them all in a sleeping bag, hold up the sleeping bag and wrap your body, you can pull the clothes over at any time when it feels cold.
    Finally, the best way to keep warm in your sleeping bag is to boil more water and install more hot water bottles! If you don’t have a hot water bottle, you can use a thicker beverage bottle, and you must tighten the cap when using it. The consequences of water leakage are serious. When sleeping, wrap the beverage bottle with socks or fleece jacket to avoid burns.
  • Three-piece winter camping outfit-moisture-proof pad
    The role of moisture-proof pads is no longer emphasized. Friends who are outdoors know that “covering the body with three layers is better than laying one layer under the body.” It is essential equipment for winter camping. The higher the calorific value, the better the warmth retention of the mat.

The correct use of the three camping suits can basically solve the warmth problem of low-temperature camping.

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