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The appearance of springbar is too high. It resembles a cabin, which makes you instantly feel like a home in the wild. Many camp tents purchase springbar.


Because springbar has only one beam, it is a relatively easy type of tent to build. Even girls can easily build it. In addition, as mentioned above, Springbar is a high-value tent, which is very suitable for taking pictures. Finally, because springbar is shaped like a cabin, the internal space is very high, so you don’t need to bend over when you enter and exit the tent.


The windproof performance of springbar will be poor due to structural reasons, so it is not suitable for use in bad weather. In addition, most of springbar are cotton tents, which have the common problem of delicate cotton tents.

Summary: Because springbar has a good appearance, it is very suitable for light luxury camping and taking pictures. In fact, as a family with a baby, because the space is relatively high, it is also a good tent option for camping with a baby.

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